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Other Creative Handiwork Ladies Can Pursue.

I am an ardent supporter of ladies doing the best they can, so they can live their best life. The accomplishments, passion and beauty a woman feels is reflected in her environment.

Currently in Nigeria, youths are encouraged to learn an employable skill so as to reduce the rate of unemployment.

But it feels as if ladies have limited choices aside the usual skills of:

Baking, catering, hair making, Tailoring and designs, manicure and makeup.

There are other Creative skills ladies can explore which I have listed below


There are many opportunities in photography especially for a lady. But certainly we have few ladies who show interest in this field. Same ladies that love photos.

You can make it big time as a photographer if you know your niche and are willing to explore. Am sure you have friends who love photos even those friends who aspire to be models. Modelling and photography go hand in hand. Learn this skill and start practicing and In no time, you'll have people calling you. The good news is that you can still make it in this industry even if you cannot afford a studio.

Art painting or pencil portrait sketching

If you have interests in art, either colour painting or pencil sketch, then nothing stops you from pursuing it. Popular opinion is that artist don't make it in this country but that is a false.

There are notable artist in Nigeria who are doing really good. All you have to do is know your craft very well, project yourself and do things differently.

Web design

I fancy geeks a lot and I am intrigued by female geeks behind a computer screen. Web design is easy and suitable for ladies too. It involves designing Website pages and layout. Web designing is an employable skill currently and you can choose to work for a company or be independent.

Programming and coding

Programming and coding involves creating softwares in computer languages that can be used to give instructions to the computer. If you love working with computers, why not invest in learning to be a programmer?

Graphics design

This skill involves the use of photo editing softwares to manipulate and alter photos. It also involves designing print cards, brochures, banners etc

Furniture making

Yes there are ladies that are into furniture making in Nigeria. I love this handiwork in particular because furnitures are essential in every home and beautiful piece of furnitures makes a home feel like an art gallery.

This skill requires strength and creativity.

Cushion making

Cushion making involves the making of pillows, throw pillows, bedding, finishings that are used on cushions, sofa, couch etc. Cushions comes in different sizes and shapes and most importantly, colours and design.

So if you are looking for how to express yourself creatively, cushion making is one skill you can learn.

House painting

House painting is quite easy for a lady who like colours and wouldn't mind paint in her hair. This skill involves a lot of climbing and requires good knowledge of colour combination.

Another type of house painting involves the use of paints to create artistic drawings on a wall.

Phone/laptop repairs

Nothing stops ladies from acquiring skills in phone/laptop repairs. Phones are laptops are currently in high demands and everyday there are thousands of people who encounter one problem or the other will their phones same goes with laptops.

Although it would take a lot of practice and consistency before customers can start trusting you since you are a female and somehow, people don't easily trust female phone repairers except by recommendation.

Body massage

The demand for this skill is on the rise especially in this present times where people are easily stressed and need to relax. You can choose to work for a spa or be an independent masseuse providing home services.

Gym instructor/personal trainer.

if you are addicted to fitness and body building, why not develop this addiction into a skill? There are lots of ladies out there who are looking for personal trainers and as a lady, you can make it in this field because majority of the people who visit the gyms are women and ladies like you.

As a fitness instructor, you can have trainings for women in your community and it's easier for women to relate with you since they can easily measure their strength with that of a fellow woman.

Content created and supplied by: Crispybelle (via Opera News )



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