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Which of these properties do you still have in your house?

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I’ve been to so many apartments owned by wealthy men and over the years, I found out that there are items in their house that most wealthy men have in common that poor men don’t. If you still have these properties in your house, then its high time you threw them away and get new properties so poverty will not remain glued to your life. This is a new year and old thing should be thrown in the trash bin.

Sometimes, its not as if we don’t have the money to change them but we just don’t move along with what is trending but don’t worry because I’m here to show you how things should look like, in order to move along with the rest of the world.

Below are the properties you should get rid of, if you want to attract riches to yourself and chase poverty away for good.

Sometimes, the things holding us back is not farfetched. In fact, it is right in front of us or right beside us. The truth is, most times, we never notice how little things affect us in many ways. Even the bible mentions it in Isaiah 43:18 “Remember not he old things, nor consider the things of old. That verse explains it all. Old things keep us in the dark and sometimes, prevent us from moving forward. Remember this, often times than not, what we need to move on to the next level is just a change in lifestyle choices which of course includes the properties in your house. Do you know that your house looks like defines your personality? Well, if you haven’t heard that before, now you know. According to some expert in the field of style, our home decoration (which of course includes properties) however, reveals a lot about us.

Let me share a short story with you about my experience.

While I was growing up, we (my family) used to live in a nice 4 bedroom apartment. The funny thing about that house was the items which were, I guess, from the 80s I did not allow my friends come pay me a visit because I didn’t want them to paint a bad picture about me. Even then, I understood what its like to have old properties in the house and how that affected how people view you.

My friends, not even the ones close to me knew where I lived. I hid it from everyone for a long time, not until my dad decided to take things a little 21st century. Lol!. Back then, things didn’t move on so well with my parents. To cut the story short, after we threw away some properties and replaced them with modern ones, I started inviting my friends and I was really happy.

Hope I didn’t bore you with my story though? You see, there is something called the law of attraction. Simply say it is ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. In essence, what this means is that, if you’re focusing on the old things, such as all those old items or properties in your apartment, you’re indirectly attracting old things (In this case poverty). Wealthy people move but poor people don’t. They get comfortable with the status quo. Start acting like a wealthy man and you will attract wealth but if you continue in your usual thoughts, then there is no improvement for you. Change stuff in your apartment, do new things. Things that you have never done before and you will definitely see changes.

I said earlier that I was going to show you some of the items that is holding you back from becoming wealthy right? Well here you go

(1). Lantern

A lantern is a source of lighting used in the 19 - 20th century. It is usually featuring a protective enclosure for the light source. Recently, the 21st century lantern is a battery powered light, which makes it more easier to carry around and makes it more reliable outdoors.

Lantern was invented to replace the burning candle to prevent the risk of fire, should a spark leap from the flame.

If you still have this in your house, please throw it away. Don’t keep it there for decoration. Except you still want to be living in the medieval era, then don’t do away with it. 

Don’t stay in the past, move with time. Remember the law of attraction? It applies here! 

(2). Louvers

In this context, louvers is a glass window blind with horizontal glass that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunshine. The most recent one is the window blind which is more beautiful and modern. While the old louvers can be adjustable by pushing up and down a metal - like control attached to it, the recent louvers is easily adjustable by pulling a strip

It is out of date and can not be found anywhere near a 21st century apartment, therefore, if you still use this, there are possibilities that you may remain stagnant. Law of attraction justifies this claim. If you can't afford the window blind, buy 'Almaco.'

Change things and make sure you go with the trend. I know many will not agree with me on this, but it's the truth.

(3). Rubber carpet

Rubber carpet is a textile floor covering, used in the 19th century. As the saying goes: new things attract new things. Do away with every old properties and replace them with modern ones and see the difference.

Some people remain stagnant because they're doing the same thing and expecting different result.

(4). Old shelve

This is shelve from the 19th century and can only be found in a poor man's apartment in Nigeria. Rich people don't aquire properties like this, instead, they go for a more sophisticated shelve. Rich people live in the "Now."

Most people live their lives asking what they're doing wrong, but they're forgetting something: "what is within." Nobody is chasing you from your village, do the right thing and good things will follow you.

If you have other properties you feel is old and should be changed, please feel free to comment in the section below

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