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New Building Idea: Use this exterior design instead of buying expensive tiles.

Gone are the days when households "just" want to build a house to live in. This is an era where advancement in technology has really taken over almost all the spheres of our lives and they invariably affect our thoughts and ideas. We no longer wanna erect buildings that look like every other ones in the neighborhood. We crave for uniqueness and beauty.

Interestingly, we've got great, brilliant, and creative architect and civil engineers (the question of how we treat them is a topic for another day). These well trained professionals can make poor and needy men commit suicide when they see designs they can't afford at the present. I've personally see houses in Nollywood movies and I kept wondering if I am in the same Nigeria as the owners of those houses. Well, I console myself, "dem no fit build my own join their own" (smiles).

Appreciating beautifully designed and constructed houses is a norm, and we do our very best to chill before sailing off to make one.

Exterior decoration is now a profession on its own. We love houses that gain attention at a glance, and we (youths especially) do well to make more and much money to afford one. There are many exterior decorations that claim fortunes. And as for all things, you'll always find a less expensive.

I recently came across an exterior decoration in my neighborhood. Sincerely, this is another cheap and affordable design to make your house look beautiful. I said cheap and affordable because its not all cheap things that are affordable, and vice versa.

Look carefully into that picture and you'll see that its really a wonderful design. I sincerely think this is a great substitute for using expensive tiles in exterior decoration.

Although, I feel the plastering may be thicker, and thus require more cement, but I don't think it will be as costly as using tiles.

After plastering, the bricklayers then started using their plastering blades to carve out those beautiful shapes you're seeing. The line design on the carved squares were also made using their plastering blades. Well, I think some used a well sharpened little diameter rod. I actually have the privilege to pass by during one of their working days.

Unfortunately, the building isn't completed yet. I guess it's an extension of a hotel next to it. So I hope the work is completed soon enough and I'll be able to bring you the final piece. But for now, its a good idea that you consider using cement instead of tiles. You may also agree with me that a good combination of colours will make this design stand out at completion.

Thanks for reading. Please follow me for more. Do well to share and like, too.

What do you think if the design? Will it be more or less expensive? Let's chat in the comment box. Shalom!

Content created and supplied by: A.I.M_MARC (via Opera News )

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