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Make Your Liquid Soap At Home With Just These Two Simple Steps.

Yes,you can make your liquid soap by your self without going to buy soap Everytime.

You can also produce the soap to sell so you can make money .

Many people have become independent with this soap business,so you can as well try making it and be your own boss.

I will be showing you too method to make liquid soap

Method 1


1) bowl

2) turning stick

3) hand glove

4) bucket

5) contains




9)nose mask .

Chemical needed ;

1)Nitrosol/CMC( carboxy Methyle cellulose)

2)caustic soda ( a little quantity to avoid damage

3)SLS(sodium lauratesulpate)

4)STTP (sodium Tripoysphonata )

5)soda ash


7) sulphate acid

8) perfume fragrance of your choice

9) colour



1)put your chemical in separate bowls each.this is done to avoid a flop when preparing it.

2) dissolve your 2litre of caustic soda with 2litre of water .allow to dissolve very well for 20min to 1hr

3) dissolve your soda ash for 20-1hr

4)STTP Should be dissolve with 2 cups of water too

5) SLS Should be dissolve with liquid little water .


1)get your dissolve Nitrosol and stir while you add your dissolve Sulphate acid while stirring continuously.

2)add your dissolve Caustic acid to the solution

3)add soda ash ,SLS stir

4)add your Texapon before the colorant which has already been dissolved

5)Finally add water

Method 2

Chemical needed

1) Antisol / Nitrosol - 1/8 kg

2)light ash - 1/8 kg

3) sulphonic - 1/8 kg

4) Texapon - 1/8 kg

5)SLS - 1/4 kg

6) Water -10litres

7) perfume - 20ml

8) colour of choice - small

9) Formaline - 1 tablespoon.


1) soak Antisol overnight but if using Nitrosol no need.

2) Pour Sulphonic acid into a clean bucket

3)add light ash into the same bucket and stir thoroughly for 10min

4)add Texapon and stir thoroughly for another 10min

5) dissolve SLS in a water add into the bucket

6) add soaked Antisol into the bucket stir

7) add colour,water and perfume then stir .

That's the two method .

Do well to drop your comments.

Try these and thank me later .

Content created and supplied by: Harvieupdate (via Opera News )

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