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Five usefulness of a tree around a house

As we all know, there are lot of usefulness and benefits of trees and flowers around a house, below are just few of them that you must know.

1. Prevents thunderstrikes: Planting trees around houses can absorb thunders and therefore prevent it frombstriking down a house or from killing someone. Amazing right?

2. Filters the air: Trees purifiers the air by giving out oxygen which is good to man and taking in carbon dioxide and other harmful elements in the air which is harmful to your health.

3. Provides cool atmospheres: Areas with tress are usually much cooler than those without trees and this is because the tree leaves gives out Water vapour to the atmosphere due to evaporation.

4. Formation of clouds: Trees also form clouds (due to evaporation) which later falls down as rain.

5. Serves as wind break and controls flooding or water erosion: Areas where trees are, are usually protected against storms and tornadoes and also controls erosion.

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