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How To Produce Hypo Bleach In Nigeria And Make Huge Money

Bleach also known as 'hypo' or "jik' in Nigeria,is a strong and effective stain remover used to remove though stains from white cloths. This product is very useful because in our daily life, we encounter stains which ordinary detergents can't get rid off.

In today's post,we shall see how anyone can start producing hypo and make good money from selling them to people. The good news is that once your product is known to be very effective, then you are sure to always have people (folks) buying them let us begin

How to produce hypo in Nigeria

Chemicals quantity

H.T.H (chlorine)- 1/4 kg

Caustic soda- 1/4 kg

Soda ash- 1/4 kg

Alum(optional)- 1/4 kg

Water- 4 litres


1)Pour 4 litres of water in a bowel

2)Add all the chemicals together

3)Allow to settle for 24 hours

4)Sieve out the sediments

5)Package in your desired container.

That's it you can now start your profitable business in no time please comment below

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Bleach Hypo Bleach Nigeria


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