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Meet The Stubborn LandLords Who Refuse To Sell Their House (See Photos)

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It was Willie Aames who once wrote, 'Being stubborn can be a good thing and being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it'. This sound definitely true, if you own or love your house and don't wish to give it up for some cheap compensation, then being stubborn is good for you.

 In what maybe describe as a 'nail house' or 'holdouts' which usually occurs when the government needs land to construct highways or decides to relocate residents of a community, if the land they occupy serves a purpose for mining or industrial activity. Below are astonishing images of some landowners who stubbornly refuse to sell their house for different reasons.


This five-story building is left standing in the middle of the highway in Eastern China Zhejiang Province, when its owners refuse to sell because they consider the compensation offered as to small. Although, the residents eventually moved out after an agreement was reached.


In Kunming, China, the Tenant of this building refuses to sell and contractors were kind enough to dig a ditch around the building in a bid to force them sell their house.


Even though, the water and electricity supply has been cut off, Zheng Meiju has chosen to remain adamant by refusing to sell his beloved house in the Rui'an, Zhejiang Province.


Even when Developers diverted a river to encircle this nail house, the owner still refuses to sell. Some people can be this stubborn!

5. Mrs Wu Ping

At first sight you might think this nail house just survived a massive nuclear explosion. Well wrong!, this building sits in a construction site of a high tech industrial park and is a victim of urban development. The owner of this nail house refuses to sell even when the earth round the building has been dug out. Such a height of stubbornness!

6. Edith Macefield

Mrs Edith Macefield was offered 1 million dollars to her sell her property, but she adamantly rejected the offer. If you've watched the movie 'Up' her story inspired it.

7. The House of Austin Spriggs

Initially offered $3 million to sell his house, Austin Spriggs rejected the offer but latter agreed a compensation of $4 million for his property.

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