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Importance of bathroom to humanity! How times you try it???


Have you ever thought of INTEGRITY and CHARACTER of the BATHROOM?


The Bathroom is a separate part of the house that is purposely designed for bathing and easing ourselves. 

A small apartment carved out to see our nakedness, fault and accommodate our dirt. 

- Are you a Room or a Roof, are you a wall or a war? do you cover people or you expose them? Are you a defender? 


Everyone of us comes out of d bathroom better than we entered. The place of relief and refreshing. 

>> Are you sure people get better anytime they have contact with you, or they get bitter? Learn from your bathroom. 


I have never come across any bathroom that shouts and makes noise, it will never expose your secret and nakedness to others. Once you move out of the bathroom, no one knows what had happened. In fact let one thousand people take bath in the same bathroom, I can guarantee you, It will never divulge your secret, figure or nakedness to another person. The scars which others cannot see, bathroom sees and knows it. 

>> Are you trust worthy, responsible or dependable? Learn from your bathroom. 


Do you know that the bathroom is tolerant, it doesn't matter how dirty and smelly you are in the bathroom, it will never take advantage of your carelessness. 

>> Do you know that at the slightest mistake and errors from others you flare up? Are you patient enough to bear and tolerate the weakness of others? Learn from the bathroom.


Do you notice we run to toilet only when we need it? Yet, it will never block you from accessing it. Bathroom will never ignore or reject you. If you like abandon it for years, any day you feel like going back to use it, it will accept and accommodate you. Your place and space will be reserved for you. 

>> How often do you forgive? how quick do you forget offence? How large is your heart? Do you correct in love or in anger? 


The fact that we have mobile toilets does not change the integrity of the bathroom. The Bathroom will never beg anyone to use it, it will never shift ground for any reason. If you are ready to come, it will accept you, but for her to run after you is not possible.


Bathroom will never retain any rubbish and trash you give to it. The entrance to the bathroom is always wide, the channel of transferring your load is small. It has a large heart and will never keep record of wrongs. 

How large is your heart? 

>> Do you have integrity at all, can we trust your words, why are you easily influenced? Are you not compromising in the face of trials and tribulations? Especially when men ignore you. 

You cannot provoke bathroom, if you like make noise, sing, shout, keep silent, slash water, it will never complain.

Hummmmmm.... Do you think you are better than your bathroom?

Content created and supplied by: Namagani (via Opera News )



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