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Never Throw Away Empty Alcohol Bottles, See Ten (10) Cool Ways It Can Be Useful

Though you certainly can't alter your body functions but with these empty alcohol bottles, you can do more interesting things with them and create cool items which you can use give your home a nick look. Now, instead of tossing it into the bin, you may all wonder what we can do with these empty beer bottles.

Here is a list of cool things that you create from empty beer bottles;

1. Candles

Cut the empty beer bottles carefully at different levels. Then fill them with hot wax and place a thread in the centre. You could apply essential oils for fragrance to make it more interesting.

2. Soap Dispenser

Not a bad idea at all. While trying to manage during the Lockdown,you could make it to save a little cost.

3. Wall Decorations

By installing beer bottles experimentally, you can give your boring, blank walls a whole new look.

4. Chandeliers

Fill your home decor with a new piece of art by putting the empty beer bottles in a chandelier pattern. You're not going to be able to tear your eyes away from this new invention.

5. Lights

Clean and dry the empty beer bottles. Put some lights of rice or fairy inside. For your next party, you're done with a new light.

6. Drinking Glasses

Carefully cut the bottles into halves and a smoothening tool is required to trim the sharp teeths. Then you have glasses for your parties.

7. Planters

As a fan of nature,this certainly looks cool. Carefully cut the beer empty bottles and grow ornamental plants inside it,then you can place them in your balcony or door entrance to cherish nature.

8. Bracelet Holders

Most Ladies will certainly love this cool idea. Clean and dry the empty beer bottle and place it on a table in your bedroom or bathroom. You can then arrange your bracelets, watches and other things by putting them around the empty bottle.

9. Light series

You can make use of empty beer bottles instead of using bulb covers to nicely create a series of beautiful light hanging around or in a corner of your room.

10. Wrapped bottles

While you sitting at home been idle or bored, you can do this cool stuff. Clean the empty alcohol bottles and wrap with wool and your new show pieces are ready for home decorations.

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Content created and supplied by: lasgidiGist (via Opera News )

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