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Building a house is not easy, here is what you need to build a 4bedroom flat.(photos)

Building a house is not easy, here is the number of blocks you need to build a 4 bedroom flat.

For many people, building a house is not an easy job but it can be achieved with great effort, if you put in all your best into what you do.

No matter the amount you earn per month you can build a house if you start saving now, there are things you need to know before building a house, building a house is a step by step process if you have things muddled up, you might not build your house in time.

Before you think of budgeting for a house there are some steps that are involved in building a house.

1. Get a land- Getting a land is not as easy as you think, you need to get a land from a reliable source, so you won't get scammed of your money. The price of a land varies based on the vicinity you are panning to acquire your land, if you are planning to get a land in ogun state, there are places you can get a land for 1Million,500,000Naira, 300,000Naira, just make sure you get it from a good source. Let's assume you get a plot of land for 500,000 (which might be in an area that is not yet developed) after paying all necessary fee, it might amount to 700,000Naira.

2. Clearing of land, clearing of land is an easy process you just have to pay the clearers to clear the land and make it suitable for every necessary materials to be put on it, this shouldn't be more than 10,000Naira

3. After clearing the land, you move to the foundation level, the total number of blocks required to build a house from the foundation to the roofing level is 3000 blocks, which might still remain for other purpose. The total number of blocks stated above will build four bedroom flat (a downstairs).

Follow our page, to know more about building of houses and where to get cheap and affordable lands.

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