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55 home organization ideas to help keep your living space coordinated

Interior designers cash out all the time because of people's quest for a better environment and living space.

Whether it is a room, two rooms, self contain, flat or duplex, the need of the average person is the same. They are:

1. To have all their stuff in their abode and still have 'leg room'. Legroom is the extra space left after you must have arranged all your things.

2. To be able to make videos and take pictures in your home and it's still 'lit'.

3. To have all your stuff where you want them to be and still be able to get them when you need them.

4. To have organized yet comfortable living space.

5. To have proper ventilation in your living space and so much more.

6. To have presentable living space in order to entertain visitors.

7. A wonderful home gives pleasure and increases your self esteem.

Organization is key. I have been to several one room apartment that are better than flats due to the the way it is organized.

Below are some pictures I've carefully selected to be affordable yet suitable for its purpose. Feel free to try out any of these home organization ideas.

For your bedroom

The bed is built as a wardrobe as well to manage space.

Another example of using the bed as wardrobe.

You can store things neatly at the back of the door.

Another example of using the bed as wardrobe.

Another example of using the bed as wardrobe.

Another example of using the bed as wardrobe.

For your bathroom

For your toilet

For your kitchen

For your living room

For your self contained apartment

I know you feel this is way out of your league. Well let me tell you that the special things done to these pictures are:

1. Color coding (there are color schemes in these pictures, they weren't painted anyhow).

2. The lighting and camera plus little editing.

3. They used storage compartments.

The following tips will help you coordinate your living space.

1. Declutter your house

You have to get rid of all items you have not used for three months straight, the ones you no longer use and the ancient stuffs. They might be clothes that don't fit anymore, old school uniforms, old clothes and shoes you don't use anymore. Throw them away or give them out.

2. Choose a color scheme

You have to project certain colors and keep certain colors away. This gives it a kind of taste.

3. Invest in storage compartments.

If you notice most of the pictures I presented have storage compartments. Spend money on shelves, racks, hooks and so on.

4. Keep everything clean.

5. Choose proper lighting and opt for ceiling fan to further remove clutters and provide more legroom.

6. Get flower vases or wall art pieces.

Which of these designs are you going to be trying out?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below

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