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Learn How to make wall clocks from the comfort of your home.

Lock down period is a time where most people are idol and others don't have much to work. Most people have been able to use these period to learn and acquire one or two skills.

However this article is going to teach how to make a big colorful clock that will be beautiful for your home. For parents who don't have chance you can direct your children on how to go about it, for youth you can take out your time to do and make your home beautiful.

Lock down period is not to enhance but to think and acquire benefiting skills for yourself. please read through carefully so that you can understand the different steps involved in making this beautiful wall clock.

The materials needed for the clock are Ruler, Pencil or Pen, Cardboard sheet, clock regulating machine, gum, scissor,stainless steel and nails. The materials will help you from scratch to finish.


look for a very good space on the wall to construct your clock.

measure a height and width of about 110 meter each, this measurement is basically for square shapes but in the case of circle shape you can still measure the 110 meter each. Take a curve shape from point 12 to 3, 6, 9 and back to 12. please ensure you mark the cardinal numbers on the wall and also do a neat job.

After that is done take your cardboard sheet and draw your desire fonts numbers from 1 to 12. Then cut out these numbers with blade and scissor as the case may be. Make sure you use at least four different colors of cardboard sheets. This is just to make it beautiful and attractive

Then use your gum to paste these numbers in their respective positions on the wall.

Take your stainless steel material, draw an arrow representing the hour and minute hands on a cardboard sheet. Use the stainless metal to carve out the arrow from the cardboard sheet. The reason why you should use a stainless steel metal is to enable the arrows to balance properly on the wall. Make sure that the minute hand reaches the numbers and hour hand will be shorter .

Take your regulating machine (clock engine) put it on the center of the clock on the wall. drill four small hole under the clock engine and nail four small nail on the wall that will fit into that hole. This is to enable the engine stay on the wall.

Cut out a small shape from your cardboard sheet and paste it on the clock engine, this is to cover the engine from being visible. Then put your arrows on it and tightening it.

wow your big wall clock is good to go, mind you this wall clock is without any frame. if you enjoy this article please click on the follow button.

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