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How To Clean A Gas Cooker Like An Ideal Woman

To clean a gas cooker entails some techniques. Below are the materials we need;

1. A bowl of hot water

2. A little soap powder or liquid detergent

3. A foam pad and some scouring powder

4. A cleaning cloth

5. A kneeling pad

How to do it;

1. See that the cooker is switched off at the main switch on the wall.

2. See that all the other switches are switched off.

3. Wipe the splashback with the cloth.

4. Take out the grill Pan. Wash and dry it.

5. Take out the loose tray from under the hob and wash and dry it.

6. Wipe out the grill cabinet.

7. Remember only to wipe the hot plates. Even if you can take them off the hob, you must never put them in water.

8. Now change your water. Take the shelves from the oven and wash and dry them. If they are very dirty use the foam pad on them.

9. Change the water again and kneel on the mat in front of the oven.

10. Wash out the oven. Try not to use too much water; wipe it out with damp cloth. Then put back the trays.

11. Wipe out the drawer under the oven.

12. Switch on the hotplates and the oven for a few minutes to dry them. Then switch them all off.

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