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All you need to know about "Anunuebe Tree", the most dangerous Tree in Igbo land

The most dangerous tree🌲 in the world found in Igbo land of Nigeria. It's called Anunuebe tree.. Touch and die tree. Any bird that perch on it will die instantly, no living thing survive near it. Only tough native doctors can approach it at night with face covered after performing series of rituals...

Is this the actual anụnụebe tree?

Anunu Ebe: The Mysterious out standing king of all Trees.

The Tree called Anunuebe, mysterious of course as is used to prepare all sort of charms.

The Anunu-ebe is type of tree on which no bird perches. It grows in the bush far away from peoples homes. It has some medicinal value as some healers and medicine men make use of its leaves, roots or bark. Some of the Anunu-ebe tree grow very big and spread their leaves so wide that they cast big shadows around them. Some other trees around them do not expand or spread their leaves in the same way. In other words, the Anunu-ebe tree turns to be a gigantic object towering over and above other trees in the area.

Often people describe the tree as a mystical plant that does not allow other plants to grow around it. Nothing grows under it or within the area it leaves spread or cover. No grasses grow underneath it. Any birds that perch on any branch of the Anunu-Ebe tree may die immediately. It's leaves never touches the ground..cobwebs are woven around it's top where all dead leaves drop...whatever that's alive that comes in contact with the root dies off...that's why no other plant is seen around it. Herbalists and medicine men who use the parts of the Anunu ebe tree are those know for strong charms, and powerful amulets.

How it's gotten is by approaching the tree and from a distance, live rooster is thrown at it after some being can survive if you approach it ordinarily. It takes a brave man to get the leave of forbidden king of all trees,...

Anunuebe is a wonder tree found in big forests. The ancient men of our clan discovered it by observation. Birds do not fly over it and remain alive. Its dead leaves do not touch the ground as cobwebs are weaved under the foliage to catch all falling leaves. No other plant grows under it. Only those who have taken time to study Anunuebe understand how to get the leaves, bark or roots for different useful purposes. 

If you say that Anunuebe tree is evil, it means that the creator of the world is evil. There are other wonder plants that our ancestors discovered. There is one called mkpodu. If one is bitten by a snake and he jumps over the mkpodu plant, he receives instant healing. 

Wonders like these and many more were used to bless our environment. We are supposed to discover and use them to make life better for our own people. If you reject such gifts of nature and keep praying for help from an imaginary foreign God, are you not foolish, and of all nations, most miserable?

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