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Clean The Gas Burner On Your Stove Without Stress.

Cleaning your gas burner isn't exactly the easy thing you will wish to do everyday. That is why am so happy to show you this simple way to clean the stove burner without stress.

If you always cook a lot, its only a matter of time for your burner to get dirty, if you don't clean them regularly, it can turn into a very hard task. A sponge and a dish soap won't be enough to keep the burner clean always.

To clean the gas burner, fill a plastic resealable freezer bags with a dash of ammonia and a glass of water. Put the burner inside the bag, close it and place the burner and the bag outside to let the burner soak of water. Believe me you won't want to keep the bag of ammonia inside your house because the smell of ammonia is so intense.

The next morning take the burner out of the bag and rinse it properly with water. You will see your gas burner shinning as new as ever then you will thank yourself for reading this post.

Its really easy you don't have to scrub and scrub before cleaning your gas burner.

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