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Breaking: Megabox unveiled "Beta Homes"

With eyes on innovation, the Megabox team has come up with a solution to cutting down on Building Cost by an incredible 40 percent of the initial estimated Cost. The Concept of the"Beta Homes" is to make prospective home owners, spend less, or amost half of the projected cost. Beta Homes is a product that takes care of cheaper design options, alternative use of materials, convertible spaces, right proportion of materials, manufactured local content, use of organic materials that can be harnessad locally, and zero structural elements among other factors! With Beta Homes package, one can achieve a three bedroom house with as little as N1,690,000.00. While the two bedroom apartment can be achieved with commensurate N1,280,000.00. What a feat to Nigerian Building Industry! Addressing journalists on the " Beta Home Concept", the Project Manager reiterated the fact that there are two factors that makes the Beta Home a reality viz: organic Architectural chemistry and materials science. He further stated that Megabox is in the forefront of making strides toward achieving a fully made in Nigeria Building, with eyes on refined local materials, that can be harnessed cost free! The Beta Home Is a conglomerate of compatible alternative materials that meets clients experience and fulfils standard guage of Architectural practice. Visit https://www.

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Beta Homes Concept of the Megabox


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