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Photos of 20 interior designs that will take your room to another level

👉Here are interior designs that will take your room to another level.

1. Surprise your guests with unique swimming pool tiles.

2. Slide your kids down instead of a boring staircase.

3. Take your relaxation to another level

4. A bed that help you to store your books.

6. Relax in a soft and wet ball lounger.

7. Bring guests in to have fun.

8. Awake your child with this swing table set.

9. Lighten up your room with creative chandeliers made with cups and bottles.

10. Watch the fish swim around while washing your hands.

11. Observe the starry sky every night with this glow-in-the-dark wallpaper.

12. Bring nature inside your bathroom with a vertical garden.

13. Hide your car with this hideaway car elevator.

14. Make your kitchen unique with an unusually-shaped sink.

15. A bed that's suspended in midair that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

16. Make use of all the space productively with staircase drawers.

17. Make your room nice with wall murals

18. Build an office pod in your garden to always be productive.

19. Relate your coffee table and a carpet in special design.

20. Apply some paper flowers on the wall to turn your house into a castle.

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