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Top 10 unbelievable underground homes

Building homes underground is a good way to insulate them against extreme temperature variation. Our ancestors often lived in caves, so there's also an almost innate attachment to the idea of living underground, protected from the elements. Check out the top 10 most unbelievable underground homes, and start planning your underground sanctuary…

1. Hillside Home, Vals, Switzerland

This home in the Swiss alps is tucked into the hillside to protect in the long winter. The design is creatively curved making it look like a circle poking out of the hill.

2. Cave homes, Cappadocia, Turkey

Traditional housing in Turkey is caved into these unusual rock formations.

3. Underground Home, Coober Pedy, Australia

Underground homes are common in this mining area as they maintain a very even temperature year round. Otherwise the Coober Pedy heat would be intolerable.

4. A hogan in Arizona

A hogan is the primary, traditional dwelling of the Navajo people. This underground home keeps the temperature moderate to protect occupants against Arizona's wild extremes. The door faces east to welcome the rising sun for good wealth and fortune.

5. Edgeland House, Austin, USA

Bercy Chen Studio the Edgeland residence as a modern interpretation of the traditional native American pit home. Its each covered ceiling insulates the home and is covered with native grasses and wildflowers.

6. Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal

This infamous home is not technically underground. But considering most of its walls are made from pure, monolithic hunks of stone, we figure it still qualifies.

7. Aloni house, Antiparos Island, Greece

This home set on a rugged Greek island is the perfect barrier against an extreme coastal climate.

8. OUTrial

An atrial house is one with an atrium or courtyard in the centre. Perfect for letting light, breezes and tranquil views into the home. An OUTrial house allows the atrium to expand and takeover the top of the home just like the architects have designed in this Polish residence.

9. Cave House, Festus, Missouri

Tucked into a cliff face, this house is modern, but relies on the ancient stone for protection and temperature moderation.

10. Malator in Druidstone, Wales

This modern fishbowl style house is nestled under a mat of green Welsh grasses. It has a sweeping view of the rugged coastline and, being underground it's protected from the (let's face it) foul Welsh weather.

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