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See The Awesome Frog Species Of The Tropics

* Blue Poison Dart Frog

The world's tropical forest house a spectacular array of frogs.

* Red Eyed Tree Frog

The red eyed tree frog a native of the tropical lowland extending from southern Mexico to northern south American.

* Golden Poison Frog

Small and with big round eyes, the golden poison frog look relatively harmless.

* Amazon Milk Frog

With alternating band and patch of dark brown and light gray of blue skin.

* Tomato Frog

Red and plump, the tomato frog is very much like a big ripe tomato.

* Mimic Poison Frog

The mimic poison frog is a favorite for it's wide variation in color pattern.

* * Goliath Frog

The Goliath frog measures between 6.5 and 12.5 inches in length, weigh anywhere from about 1 to 7 pound. It is the largest frog in the world.

These tropic categories of frog are poison, so be aware of them when you come across.

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Amazon Milk Frog Golden Poison Frog Goliath Mexico Red Eyed Tree Frog


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