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How To Clean Your Rusty Iron Base With Two Capsules Of Paracetamol.

Ironing, sometimes we do it everyday, and other time we do it when necessary. Whether we do it everyday or sometimes, over sometimes the iron base can rust. It can be so annoying because alot of times it ruin our clothes, especially white clothes. No matter how stubborn the rust is, there is one simple trick you can use.

A rusty iron can ruin your clothes irreversibly, but no matter how cheap or expensive your iron is, layer rust can still be on your iron over time. Fortunately buying a new one is not necessary because this article will teach you the simple handy trick.

follow these steps to clean your rusty iron with paracetamol.

1. Get two capsules of paracetamol

2. Then heat the iron for a little time.

3. Remove the iron and rubbed the two. capsule of paracetamol on it.

4. Then let the iron cool down then wipe the base of the iron with a clean clothes.

you will be very thankful that you met with this article after reading this Article because your iron will become sparkling clean and new.

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