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You're not drunk these buildings are just strange

Architects and building engineers are great people but some of them took it to another level crazy level. Below are some of the world's strangest building ever built.

9. Mind house

This house is found in Barcelona - Spain, the house is so creative that it's listed as one of the top ten most creative building in the world. So whenever you see a building that looks like a cartoon house, you're not drunk you're normal.

8. Wonders Work

This house is found in Tennessee - USA. It is built in a slant way that makes it look like the house is sinking. So if you come across this building, my friend you're not drunk you're normal.

7. The cubic house

This house is one of the major attraction in Netherland. It is built in such a way that when you look at it you'll surely be confuse, you have to pinch yourself to know ig you're dreaming.

6. House Attack

I call this one The falling house. Imagine walking close to were those tourists are? A person like will be praying for that house not to fall on me. This wonderful structure can be find in Vienna.

5. Wood land house

This house can be found in Wales - UK, this house is constructed by a single man. This house contains a fridge and some other necessary things to live with.

4. The library house

This house can be found in Kansas City, Missouri - USA. House has a structure on its southern wall that looks like giant books of 29 by 9 ft. Each. So anytime you come across this building just know that you're not drunk.

3. Stone house

It's normal to build a house on stone but inside a stone is another different thing. This house is found in Portugal.

2. Nautilus House

This house can be found in Mexico. This structure is built in a livable way. It features rooms and its finished with smooth surfaces.

1. The crooked house

This house can be find in Poland. The architects that designed this house where inspired by fairy tales. No wonder 😄

Which of these structures your favorite?

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