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See 35 wonderful unique table designs

A table is probably the most simplistic piece of furniture that we just cannot live without. An item of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, used as a surface for working at, eating from or on which to place things.

With advancement in technology, table has been turned into astounding works of art and not just utilitarian pieces of furniture.

Modern designers and decorators have become quite innovative and adventurous when designing the centre table. From the humble table with four legs it has now evolved into a piece of art which serves the same purpose of serving us but in style. From wood to glass, from traditional to contemporary, if you can imagine a material and design, it can be created. 

So, here are 35 samples of unique table designs made of variety of different materials.

Illusion/ghost table

Brush Furniture

Love Me

Wood Log Table

Endless Table

The Watch Table

Inception Coffee Table

Golden Branches Coffee Table

Coffee Table Aquarium

Africa Shaped Coffee Table

Batman Coffee Table

The Balloons Coffee Table

LED Lighting Coffee Table

Modern Swivel Coffee Table

Cassette Coffee Table

Ford Flathead Engine Coffee Table

Circuit Board Coffee Table

Firearm Cabinet Coffee Table

Burled River Coffee Table

Curvy U-Shaped Wooden Coffee Table

Rustic Restored Factory Cart Coffee Table

Recycled Jet Engine Table

Swing Set Table

Picnyc Table

Leaf Table

Lake Table

Diamond Cut Coffee

Curved table with rotating drawers

Picnic Table

Levitating cube table (64 cubes)

Horse Coffee Table

Driftwood Coffee Table Base

Amboise Double Lift-top Coffee Table

Sculptural Tree Coffee Table

And for those of you who have a variety of height within your family tree…this table is good for drafting and adjusts to your height. Just be careful not to place anything spill-able on top!

What do you think of these excellent table designs?

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