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What A Beautiful Garden God Created So That Man Can Feed on.

What A Beautiful Garden God Created So That Man Can Feed on.Look at the earth here! How pretty everything is.Look at the grass and the trees, God is a merciful man,he did all these so that we can feed on.Look at the flowers and all the animals.can you pick out the lion and the giraffe? How did this beautiful garden come to be?Well, let's see how God got the earth ready for us.First, God made green grass to cover land.And he made all kinds of small plants and bushes and trees.God is really great.These growing things help to make the earth pretty.But they do more than that.Many of them also give us foods that taste very good.Can't you see that God really love us.God later made fish to swim in the water and birds to fly in the sky.He made dogs and cats and zebra; big animals and small animals.What animals live near your home? Shouldn't we be happy that God made all these things for us?Finally, God made one part of the earth a very special place for us.He called this place the garden of Eden.It was just perfect.Everything about it was beautiful.And God wanted the whole earth to become just like this pretty garden he had made.But look at the picture of this garden again.Guest what God saw that was missing here.Genesis 1:11-25; 2:8,9.

Comment if you really know what God was guesting that he has not seen.

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