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"Is This Man Challenging Death?" - Social Media react To Coffin Chair a Man Puts In His Sitting Room

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Furniture is a key factor to decorate one's home but this man has taken his own decorations too far. I know you have been in many rooms with nice furniture especially chairs, to satisfy the claim that choosing nice furniture makes your room attractive. But can do you know that you can get into serious trouble when you don't choose the appropriate ones?

Some people just go to town and enter any furniture store, buy any furniture they want, no matter the size, color, shapes, and picture it depicts. This is what makes it dangerous. Coffins are used to bury dead people and not for sitting down on. There is a Ghanaian guy who in the act of wanting attention, went to a furniture store and ordered a chair customized as a coffin.

According to the reporters, this young man took the picture to upload them on his social media handles; Facebook and Instagram. He wanted to get more likes and follows and that is why he brought up the idea that you have to do something extraordinary, to be beyond ordinary. The guy slept in a coffin and took several pictures with several posses. And after he uploaded the picture, he got all the likes and the follows he wanted. That is a very funny but true story.

I know what this guy did is probably for attention, and he has gotten it. Social media were quick to react to the post.

See reactions to the post from social media below:

What do you think about the chair that this man did and put in his house? This is appolling, please comment below

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