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Some strange trees in the forest, that looks like man (photos)

Some things in nature are wonderfully created by God. God created many things in this world some, which we have not discovered, many of this things are well crafted and created. The photo you are about to see is some of the wonderful trees in nature that will get your reaction.

See photo of the trees that looks like human

Just take a look at this tree below, the stem looks like a human head. This type of tree can be found the amazon jungle. It looks so strange and scary.

Imaging you coming across this wonderful trees in the forest, what will be your reaction towards this?

This tress are still existing in some places and are very rare to find, most of this tress can be found in the amazon jungle, while some are already extinct. This tress can be use for many things , and it also use for design. The benefit of this kind of trees, it reduce some of the natural disaster.

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