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Full of Revenge, a Twitter User Shares A Unique Way of 'Killing' a Mosquito Or Other Annoying Insect

Insect bites on the skin is not something to be liked, right? Moreover annoying insects like mosquitoes, can make a person so upset! Never mind, it suck blood, and make the skin itchy.

This case of mosquitoes bite is making most of us to be 'vengeful' or let me say 'annoyed' with creatures that are small (mostly any insects).

Some people used insect throwers, some hit them (the mosquitoes) with their hands and they are various method to kill them.

This is different with a user on a Twitter page who uses the account name @J-C.audou-1.

The user is concerned with uploading a video that shows a separate method used in killing mosquitoes.

“I take revenge on the mosquitoes that have bitten me", The Twitter User Captioned the video. The video which at the beginning shows a mosquito on the hands of a person as shown in the picture below.

Then the person is seen using a brace then picks up the mosquito and takes it to a plant.

The mosquito is seen wrestling and wants to escape, but it's too late. Mosquitoes been put into the 'mouth' of carnivorous plants that eat insects serves as a source of nutrients.

In reality the video has been watched more than 1.3 million times and received about 18,000 retweets by Twitter users.

Maybe there are a handful of people who are wocked but individual satisfaction is not the same right? Perhaps this method gives its individual satisfaction.

What's important is that one should take time to clean up their environment instead of leaving it to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially during this rainy season. Our health and family are more important than everything.

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Full of Revenge J-C.audou-1.


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