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Vegetables you can harvest in 40days from your backyard garden.

Here is a list of vegetables you can harvest in 40 days after planting;


Okro is a widely used vegetable worldwide, It only takes about 40-50 days to produce a mature harvest. 

Then you can harvest and use for soup as you wish, there are a variety of ways to enjoy okro. This is one very fast growing vegetable for your backyard garden.


Popularly called efo among Nigerians is one of the most consumed vegetable by Nigerians because it have a variety of uses from soup to salad etc. It is very simple to grow almost like normal farm weeds.

All you need to do is directly spread the seeds onto good quality dirt in your garden, then water and wait. Just blinking your eye, in about 4-6 weeks, spinach is ready for harvest.


Jute popularly called ewedu by Nigerians is a fast growing vegetables used mainly for soup, the leaves are usually used for vegetable, the dried leaves are used as tea by some people. Jute matures in about 6 weeks and harvest ranges from about 30-60 days after planting.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots comes with a delicious taste and are great as snacks, they are great and easy to cook with, they don't take as much time to be harvested as they reach their desired size in a short time unlike full-sized mature carrots.

Baby carrot variety can be planted in ground or garden containers. They mature in about 30 days, the first harvest is ready.


Cucumbers are very amazing plants due to its versatility. They can be functional in different recipes just like salads and can be eaten just fresh as harvested.

Cucumbers are a running or trailing plant that will require staking and enough space. The first harvest is usually ready as early as 50 days after sowing the seeds.


Lettuce is also a plant known for its versatility. With a range of varieties to choose from and also accompanied with different flavor respectively. Lettuce does not require a lot of time to mature and harvest. Depending on the Lettuce variety, maturity and harvest ranges from about 30-60 days after planting.

Having your own vegetable garden is a beautiful experience that will allow you to save some money and can be turned into a hobby. To set up a backyard garden, here are things you should do;

1. Choose a spot with at least six hours of direct sunlight per day.

2. Make sure the soil is a well drained loamy kind of soil.

3. You could fertilize the soil beforehand.

4. Make sure your garden is close to a water source Incase irrigation is needed.

5. You could also get old tyres, cut and fill them with soil as they serve a good makeshift garden.

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