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26 Pictures Of Old Objects That Have Been Transformed To New Object

Most of us throw out or just give away our old stuff to others. We don’t want to be bothered with having to scrub and clean so much when the dirt and grime just won’t disappear completely. But with so much spare time in our hand now that we can’t go out, perhaps it’s time to give it one more try. Who knows, if you use the right substance, method and with enough persistence, you might hit the jackpot just like these people did!

Moved into this space with the entire shower looking like on the right. Vinegar, Dawn and two hours of scrubbing solved it all.

Found a rusty cast iron pan last weekend, spent a few hours restoring it with steel wool & effort. Turned out really nice!

This Dixie Stove was abandoned with rat nests inside. Clean as new.

Pan came like the one utensil you will never want to cook in.

Gave grandma’s remote a wipe.

This place feels like it’s been revived.

This is originally a copper sink, gave it a nice scrub and cleaning.

People tend to pass up on old silver, but you just need to know how to clean them. Swan ring holder.

This was one of the worst case ever and had to throw out the rug due to mold and bugs.

To think this is a bath tub where you clean yourself in!

These silver utensils set from husband’s family in England. Some are over 300 years old and finally got a nice cleaning from me today.

Decided to give the trophy in the rugby club a cleaning.

Frogs actually lived in this pool before it’s cleaned.

Gave the deck a nice power-wash and it’s revived.

Gave this 50-year-old Stanley wood plane from father-in-law a nice cleaning.

It was tough and we needed a powerful descale, but worth it.

Turned this rusty hammer to a new shape.

This is a Stanley plane that was buried for 50 years before given to me.

Vinyl fence looks like brand new.

Used hot water and baking soda to cleanse it. One trip to the goldsmith since it was bent and that’s it!

Wall looks super clean now.

Aunt’s porch, before and after.

This lamp at my grandparents’ looked so dirty and I gave it a nice cleaning.

Just give your old shoes a nice cleaning, polishing and dying.

This brass is polished nicely with ketchup.

Gave this old bench a nice cleaning and it’s now a fancy coffee table.

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