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Five Simple Steps in Making Home Made Insecticides


Insecticides are chemicals used to control or kill disease-carrying insects.

They are classified in several ways, such as by their chemistry, toxicologicala actionor method of penetration. The two main types of insecticides are organica and inorganic;

Organic insecticides contain carbon, and inorganic insecticides do not. Insecticides come in a wide range of formulas and are used to kill a variety of pests.

Organic insecticides are the most used type of insecticides today. They are synthetic chemicals.

The use of insecticides has advantages, but also has disadvantages, so one should have all the information about insecticides before using them.

Insecticides can be produced locally in our homes as there is no heavy equipment or machine is involved in the preparation process. It is just by simple combination of some materials together in the right proportion.


Insecticides are used to kill insects, such as:

Ants, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Flies, Lice, Moths, Beetles, Fleas, Wasps, Silver fish, Ticks, Snails, Slugs, Aphids, Spider mites, Caterpillars, White flies, Parasitic worm infections, Moths, Beetles, and other pests

It is also important to note that some insecticides are harmful to other animals such as bees, which are beneficial to the ecosystem.

Where are insecticides used?

1. Homes

2. Farms

3. Food barns or stores

4. Green houses

5. Warehouses

6. Industrial plants, etc.

Materials/Chemicals Required are;

1. Kerosene

2. Industrial camphor

3. DD Force/Sniper

4. Formalin

5. Eucalyptus salt

Source of Materials

The materials and Chemical needed can be obtained in the market where they sell chemicals for soap making and likely things.

How much can the chemicals cost?

Chemicals for making cosmetics are not usually expensive or cost much. For instance, chemicals worth N1,200 can be used to make cosmetics worth of between N4,000 and N7,000 depending on the type of cosmetics produced.

Procedure/Method of Preparation

1. Pour the DD Force or sniper into a container

2. Add some units of the industrial camphor.

3. Pour some quantity of formalin.

4. Add some kerosene to the content as much as you like it, though not too much

5. Mix and shake the content thoroughly and package for use or sell.

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