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Nov 17: Libra horoscope for today

Libra, today you are very good at organizing your thoughts and things. You feel much less overwhelmed or scattered and seem to focus more on the details than on the big picture. Practicality and a willingness to use common sense can help bring you a bit closer to more clarity which sounds good.

You are currently in a cycle that will continue until mid next year. This is great for working behind the scenes or working harder and happier on your own. You may need more solitude to complete an important project and you may need more to regain and regain your energy. Today you use this type of energy. With the passage of the moon in your fourth solar house, the person in you appears and longs for a little rest. However, he tends to stay busy.

Fear alarm! Today, an inconsistent confrontation between disturbed Mercury and shock athlete Uranus can throw you on the sidelines. When the urge to fight or run arises, lose your temper or stop stuttering. Instead, take a deep, calm breath or take a break to regain your balance.

After all, the person pushing your buttons is probably just a symptom of a bigger problem - your overworked life! Refine your busy schedule to include more breaks in your day and reduce stress triggers. Zoom in with that cool colleague or friend who always knows what to do. Concentrate and avoid the drama.

You have been responsible for it for so long. Why don't you take a break today? Let the other person in your relationship take control for a while. Now is the time for you to relax and get up while someone else is wondering how to get to where you need to go.

Relationships are all about balancing power, so it's okay to tip the scales in their direction now. Balance is extremely important at this point and is one of the last things to include in your life.

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