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Nov 17: Capricorn horoscope for today

Capricorn, the moon continues to pass through an area of ​​introspection on your map, then it heads towards your shield where it will spend a few days. You may feel that you are waking up with the need to connect with the outside world despite not wanting to come out of your shell.

You're on a long-term cycle that lasts until mid-2021 that's easier to learn or release, and you can be pretty passionate about it. Today, this energy is in the foreground.

You will probably have serious opportunities for concentration that you appreciate more than usual. Making lists or writing down intentions can also help you clear up the mental clutter. These days, work and problem solving are much preferred, and someone special can come and get you.

All bets are off Capricorn. Today, the conflict between psychic Mercury and the unpredictable Uranus warns against impulsive risk-taking. You want to aim high, but with these assumptions, you have a better chance of finding safe alternatives.

Don't know where to look? Try to get the opinions of some trusted partners in your network to find what you are looking for. Once you find out that there are many different ways to produce similar results, you will be more comfortable.

Trends, fashion, and pop culture are an important part of your life, but making them your first priority will consume energy and money that can be better spent elsewhere. Concentrate your efforts and ideas on more permanent things.

New fans are good at some entertainment, but that's about it. Your moral and personal philosophy now needs attention. You need to rotate the pendulum towards the substance and away from the style.

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