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Nov 17: Aries horoscope for today

Aries, you start the day shaking with the feeling of freedom, but with the movement of the moon in your solar 10th house, you move towards priorities and goals. Today he has a lot of energy to improve his work and his health. You can persevere till you see the end of a problem.

 A long-term impact on you by July 2021 is to bring more order and structure to your daily life, to get involved in a work project or health and wellness program, and to really profit from the work or services you provide. This topic is making headlines today.

After a few days of a somewhat chaotic problem, today's earth energy is welcome. You will see a waste of anyone's time and you might run into opportunities to help you adjust your job or routine.

As much as we like them, keep an eye out for today's snake oil salesman, Aries. With Mercury fearful of resisting volatile Uranus in its silver houses, it looks like the deal of the century could put a dent in your wallet. Hello, hidden charges and interest charges?

There can be something dark here in Aries. Before signing anything, be sure to read the fine print. To make sure that if someone isn't trying to fast, discuss all legal issues with your lawyer. Make sure all terms are cleared today. At work, be careful what you share or email your coworkers, as confidential information can leak.

You are very good at taking care of yourself, but have you had too much of it lately? Be honest with yourself today and the answer may be simply yes. You need to stop your selfish impulses and think of other people for the first time when, for some other reason, positives are no longer added to your karma account. You can start small. Little things mean a lot.

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