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Nov 17: Sagittarius horoscope for today

You are better able to think and process today, though only after energy has been dissipated, a better Sagittarius. Today and tomorrow inspire more practical thinking. Today's experience is great for gaining knowledge and applying it to an existing problem. It's also good for quiet study or for working in relative privacy.

It is satisfying to face responsibilities instead of hiding them. It will be easier than usual for you to focus on your priorities.

Now is a good time to see and cover the details. You are in a long term cycle that will be active until July 2021 and increase your motivation and focus. Job or career goals can be a big deal and you will be more patient and persevering in these areas. Leadership and management can be the focus, and the energies of today are highlighting these areas. The moon will continue to pass through your sign for part of the day and will help express your feelings. The movement of the moon in your resource area provides more practical orientation in the second half of the day.

White flag, Sagittarius wave. As the communication planet Mercury collides with the unstable Uranus, you will let go. Usually you like things your way, but today you will be practicing the art of devotion. Step out of the equation by stepping back and looking to the side. To your surprise, you can see a touch of shine from someone approaching the plate.

Trust your more open-minded instinct to make things happen today! These feelings don't happen every day, so most of them are caused by talking, flirting, and generally drumming. It takes courage to speak up and you should be proud of the fact that sometimes it is so easy for you. Start a controversial conversation today and watch the baseless drama. To start something!

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