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2 Reasons Yoruba Nation Protesters Should Stay Away From IPOB In Their Cause Of Agitation

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It has been confirmed that the two secessionist groups in NigeriaYoruba Nation and IPOB– have started a protest at the United Nation Headquarters, New York, yesterday.

The protest has progressed into Wednesday at the UN headquarters in New York. Though there is nothing wrong with Yoruba Nation protesters going as far as UN headquarters to make known their ambition to secede from Nigeria and form a country of their own.

However, the problem with this pragmatic step taken by the Yoruba Nation agitators in the diaspora is their sudden relationship with IPOB at the UN headquarters.

Today, Garba Shehu, while speaking as the presidency, cautioned the Yoruba Nation Protesters over any relationship or entanglement with IPOB. Garba Shehu made it clear that IPOB is a group that has been outlawed, and that means, any further relationship with such a group will render the associate an outlaw as well.

There are two major reasons why the Yoruba Nation protesters need to stay far away from IPOB members at the cause of their agitation:

Relationship with IPOB may earn Yoruba Nation group proscription

Just as IPOB has been proscribed by the Federal government of Nigeria. If the Yoruba Nation agitators should continue to associate with the group, it is imminent that the group will be proscribed as well. For this not to happen, the Yoruba Nation Agitators should stay far away from the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) members during a protest.

Photo Credit: The Sun Newspaper

Secondly, for the Yoruba Nation to be actualized, there is a need for the Group to stay firm on its objectives and ambition. We all know that the methods Yoruba Nation agitators have been using so far to demand secession have been non-violent ones. Association with IPOB, in which Garba Shehu revealed to be a designated terrorist organization that has publicly revealed a 50,000 strong paramilitary organization, will put the Yoruba nation in trouble. The world will not take Yoruba Nation agitation seriously again, because it will be assumed that the Yoruba Nation agitators are also violent.

Therefore, it will be better for Yoruba Nation agitators to listen to the advice of the Presidency as delivered by Garba Shehu and stay far away from IPOB agitators in their cause of the agitation.

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