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The Frustration of being Born and growing up in Nigeria. Please Try and Control Your Laugh (Memes)

Those that are not born in Nigeria might find it difficult to relate to the following memes, but if you are born in Nigeria, then we are good to go.

The frustration of being born in Nigeria.

After nine months in the womb and you finally arrive in Nigeria.

Then you are welcomed by the heat and hot sun of Nigeria, and you are wondering how come you arrived here instead of America, lol.

You are complaining about the milk, you will soon understand when you get home and discover that Nepa has removed your transformer.

Don't blame us, that is what we have.

We are not whites, we don't brush twice daily, sometimes we don't even brush at all. Lol.


Don't even go there.

But you have to go to school.

What is important is that you have a school uniform, forget about the size, you are wearing that uniform till you finish your primary school.

At least you now know that you are not alone in this.

Goodluck protesting.

Anywhere you see protest next time, you will run for your life.

Biscuit was the first bribe we all received before you get adopted into the system.

And now you have passed your first examination.

That is when you become a full blown Nigeria.

Thank you for reading.

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