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Things you probably don't know about The 1999 Zanzibar's Crash

Historians and records scribbled it that back on the 12th of January in the year 2000, Tanzania's President Benjamin Mkapa declared on the press about the unleashing of a self-governance commission of inquiry which was to research on human rights violations which were greatly abused by Tanzanian security forces in Zanzibar as from May back in the year 1999, which was a year before as regarded by other sources.

However, it was noted that back on the 25th of January 2000, the government security was noted forcing brutality which overwhelmed political protest in Zanzibar, that had been called on the objective of protesting over the wreckless precautions which were put in place during the National Presidential elections which had been noted on the previous years as winners were winning under the undefined platform.

It was then that the Zanzibar unit of security, more so the lower-ranked police officers who were guided by the coastguard and the army were seen, shootings and bullying thousands of civilians protestors and even he passably who were on the daily moves ad caught at the wrong time in the wrong place. However, it was then that in the future days, the security forces, who were united by the leading party officials and military went on the war zone thus aimlessly arresting civilians, beating them up and even holding back young girls and thus harassing them se3ually. It was then that the human Rights department approximated that several 578 people were slaughtered to death whereas the casualties holding up to 2000, inclusive of rape cases and beatings, which was apart from gun bullets.

Due to too much pressure on the zone and the brutality witnessed on their brothers and sisters, it was noted that at least more than 3000 Zanzibar's s citizens ran to their neighboring country Kenya where at least they could safeguard their lives. Please like, share, comment, and follow me on my article for more interesting articles.

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