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Lady Justice: What The Symbols on The Statue Represents

Many of us have come across the Lady of Justice statute in front of courts, or in places where justice or the legal system is represented. Just as the name implies, this statute stands for justice, and the symbols on the statute represent various things.

According to Wikipedia the lady justice originates from the personification of justice in Ancient Roman art known as Lustitia or Justitia. In this article, we would examine the symbols that can be found on the statute and what each of them stand for. They are:

1. The Blindfold:

If you have observed the lady of justice statue, you will notice that her eyes are tied with a blindfold. According to the Delaware Gazette, the blindfold on the lady justice represents the justice system.

It symbolizes the fact that our justice system is blind to a person's wealth, gender, power and race. As a result of that no one is favoured over the other.

2. The Balance Scales:

Balance scales are used in ordinary parlance to measure weights. Similarly, the balance scales that are held by the lady of justice on one hand represent the impartiality of the law to properly weigh every evidence before it.

It symbolizes the fact that each side of a legal case or argument will be properly weighed by the courts before judgement is given in a particular case.

3. The Sword:

The ensemble of the lady of justice is made complete with a sword which she holds in her other hand. According to Heather and Little blog, it symbolizes enforcement, respect and that justice stands by its decision and ruling.

The sword is unsheathed, and very visible which shows that justice is transparent and does not condone or express fear. It is also shown that the blade is double edged and this signifies that it can either protect or rule against a party.

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Lady Justice The Blindfold


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