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Activist to fight Landlord who locked out tenants for owing rent

A woman and her two daughters including a little baby were locked out by a landlord in Asaba, Delta state after the family was unable to pay off their utility bills and rent that expired last month.

The incident provoked a human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who has vowed to take up the case against the landlord who reportedly erected the house without proper approval.

Before being rescued by sympathisers, the woman simply identified as Ngozi had gone on a trip with her daughters. The family returned around past seven yesterday evening (19 September) to meet the gate to their apartment padlocked and chained, amid the rain.

Activist to fight Landlord who locked out tenant for owing rentThe incident happened in Asaba

It is understood that all effort to plead with the landlord to allow the family in, fell on deaf ears as he was adamant about receiving his money.

Gwamnishu, who is Director-General of Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation, said the family’s rent expired on 2 August 2021.

On Facebook, he shared images and a video of the moment the family of three were stranded.

The activist wrote: “Yesterday, at about 9:00pm, I received this video of a woman and her two kids locked out in the rain by Landlord because of house rent that expired August 2021 and N5000 utility bill.

“The landlord took laws into his hands and chained the gate (Picture attached). All appeals to the landlord to open for the woman and her kids were ignored. Today we are going to handle the case and make sure we follow due process.”

In another post, he said: “Landlord built his house on a major road meaning it’s an illegal structure with no approval.

He later added in another update: “Tvc news came through for the tenant locked out by Landlord.

“Dear Asaba Landlord/Landlady. Your tenants have right. Respect their rights and stop treating them like trash.

“If tenants are owing you rent and are unable to pay, serve them quit notice not locking them out as this landlord did to this woman and her children.

“If they don’t show them the process, they won’t learn.

“Special thanks to Ivovi Aruoriwo Darlington for drawing our attention to this woman predicament.

“Update will be dropped soon.”

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