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Beggars Protest Against Low Patronage In Oyo State.

More than three hundred beggars in Ibadan,Oyo State,on Thursday,1st April came out to protest against low patronage.

Beggars are poor people who ask others for money and food.Another name for beggars is panhandlers.

Between 1970 -1992,begging was for poor,physically disabled or mentally disabled persons.But recently,begging has become a profession.

In Nigeria,between 1970-1992,a physically fit person that begs,is seen as a lazy person.Recently begging has become a very lucrative job for some people.We have professional beggars who are very wealthy and own a lot of properties and other assets here in Nigeria.

Begging can be caused by so many factors like handicapped,illiteracy,death of parents,inheritance of caste and poverty which is the main cause of begging.

On Thursday,April 1st 2021,beggars or panhandlers in Ibadan,Oyo State came out in mass to protest against low patronage by members of the public following a recent rumour that some wealthy men buy money from them for ritual purposes.

Do you know that they have their spokesman?Their spokesman,Iman Abubakar Abudullahi,Serikin Hausawas of Hausawa community,Oja'ba,Ibadan had hated his people so much.

From his words,people are insunuating that ritualist do buy money from them and there has been public resentment against the beggars in Oyo State.

Iman Abdullahi said that hawkers and commercial drivers do come to these beggars to change their money to smaller denominations.We need to clear our name so that people will not be punishing us for offences we don't know about, 'he said'.

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