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2 Questions Reno Must Answer Concerning The Harrass Buhari Protest He Conducted In London

No one is happy with the state of things in the country. But just like every citizen who may be sick and need help, President Buhari is entitled to any medical attention either in the country or overseas. Although, this should not justify the poor state of the hospitals and medical facilities in the country. As it is the work of the government to ensure and build a world class hospital for her citizens. As there won't be any hospital to go to in London if the government there were to be negligent like the Nigerian Government.

Reno Omokri decision to mobilise Nigerians in London to begin a protest #HarassBuhariOutof London, can only be justified if he answer these two questions.

1. Will this Protest Improve The Situation Of Things in Nigeria?

With the end Sars protest last year and the series of protest by Shiites, Edo women on herdsmen killing etc, it is goes to show that this government is not bothered by protest. Apart from the disbanding of the unit SARS, police brutality still continues. As news are still being reported of police and Army brutality in the nation. With the recent being the killing of 9 youths by the Nigerian army yesterday in Taraba.

If the protest won't yield any result, why protest? If things won't be better like this, why protest? Do we have to tarnish the image of Nigeria both home and abroad? Why should we keep doing things that will make us a laughing stock? Should we allow the failings of the government to define our everyday conducts? If Reno knows protest will help, let's him come home and begin the protest. After all, charity begins at home.

2.Was the situation of Hospitals and medical facilities any better when he was in Government?

From 2011 to 2015 Reno was the special assistant to the then President Goodluck Ever Jonathan. Despite the backward state of the country now, it didn't begin today. As the backwardness was a continuous out row of bad governance over time.

During his time as special Assistant to the president, the situation in most hospital were chaotic and nothing to write home about. More so, his family lived in the UK even then. As such, if he wants Buhari to come to Nigeria for medical attention, why did his own children live in the UK when he was in poor despite his claim to make Nigeria a better country. Where his own children not worthy to live in Nigeria the so called better nation?

During the past government, Reno children schooled outside the country and on different times, the then president Good luck went abroad to receive medical aid, why is Reno protesting against it now? Why is he urging President Buhari to go back to Nigeria for medical aid when President Good luck did same under his nose?

The question is, Why now? Why is Reno now more concerned about protesting for President Buhari to return home for the treatment? Why did he stop former president Goodluck then? Double standard is one thing that will continue to destroy the growth of this nation. May God help Nigeria.

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