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OPINION: 3 Reasons Why Girl Child Education Might End Gender Inequality.

The statement that "a girl child is as good as a boy child" seems to appear mundane to the core principles of most cultures in the world. But trying to escape reality is in no way going to be of any help to society, as it's clear that the female gender is on a mission to change the status quo.

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But amidst all these achievements, the girl child is still on the verge of being a victim of societal prejudice. Hence the movement to reiterate the need for a larger outreach for female gender education and emancipation, with the aim of closing the gap between numerous opportunities between the male and female genders. A lot of groups and organisations have expressed opinions and made claims on how to rewrite the narrative of the girl child phenomenon.

Inclusively, The International Day of the Girl Child, which has been commemorated on October 11th every year since its declaration on December 19th, 2011 by the UN General Assembly, is targeted at increasing the societal value of the girl child around the globe.

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Moreso, here are 3 concrete reasons Why Girl Child Education Might End Gender Inequality around the globe:

1) A daring step to reduce sexual vices:

It is visible from all angles that educating the girl child increases their ability to compete healthily in the labour market instead of being used or manipulated into being victims of sexual escapades. A well calculated step that can curtail the negative prejudice against the girl child.


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2) It ensures a certain level of societal harmony:

This point is targeted at the typical African society where the value of the girl child is limited to marriage and child bearing. Therefore, granting adequate education, especially based on this year's theme of digital education, the girl child is without doubt as creative as the boychild and, as such, will thrive and make way for more innovative avenues of living such as digital banking, marketing, and even health.

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3) It boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence:

An educated man, they say, is hardly intimidated. The same goes to an educated girl child. This new level of knowledge, if achieved, tends to accelerate their self-esteem and confidence. As a result, they will be able to compete without fear or intimidation.



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International Day of the Girl Child


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