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Mustapha Bulama Releases Cartoon On London Protesters

Mustapha has been feeding us fans with his cartoons about political happenings in the country. The cartoonist designs cartoons that expresses politcal happenings in the country from different perspectives. Mustapha Bulama is very talented as his cartoon always draws a lot of deliberations and reactions from the public.

Mustapha Bulama had mentioned that he contemplated stoping on creating cartoons. This was after some fans accused him of being sectional. Mustapha had explained to them that he always draws his inspirations from the day to day happenings. The situation determines what he would draw. Well Mustapha Bulama is back doing what he knows best. This time more technical and interesting.

Mustapha Bulama recently shared his latest cartoon works. This time on President Buhari's medical trip. Remember, President Buhari recently went for medical trip in London. Some Nigerians in Diaspora protested against the trip. They sited insecurity as their reasons. They prayed that President Buhari goes back home to tackle the consistent security issues.

On the other hand, some group of Nigerians rally their support for the President. They agreed that as part of President Buhari's right as a citizen, he can seek and accessed medical treatment in any part of the world. The protests is still ongoing in London.

Mustapha Bulama recently released his latest cartoon works. In the cartoon, President Buhari was with his personal physician. The medical doctor asked on why Nigerians in diaspora are still protesting about him coming back home.

In the cartoon, President Buhari replied back that the "protesters do not know him". In my own opinion, the Cartoonist is trying to let the public know that the protesters were protesting blindly without knowing who President Buhari was. This is because they left the shores of Nigeria and don't actually know the politics going on in the country.

Fans have different perspectives from mine. They also gave their own understanding of the situation. Most of them agreed that the protesters don't actually know President Buhari. And that only those in the country knows him. See reactions below

See Mustapha Bulama Latest Cartoon Below

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