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19 Years Old Girl Shot During While Protesting in Mandala

This 19 years protester was shot and killed by military thugs in Mandalay. Her shirt says “Everything will be OK”. Coca Cola bottle in her hand is to help to those who got hit by tear gas. She sacrificed her life to teach us there is a hope. 

Those who die in this kind of struggle NEVER die in vain. She is a hero. And at the end, the people must ensure the message never dies. If her message is for positive that make things better, aluta continua because everything will be ok eventually. RIP hero.

As if he had a hunch, Angel (19), one of the anti-military coup protesters, always carried a writing wrapped in water-repellent plastic with a touching message, along with information on his blood type.

"If I am injured and cannot return to good condition, please don't save me. I will give the left part of my body which is useful to someone who needs me," he wrote.

And, last Wednesday, March 3, the Taekwondo champion and dancer was shot dead by the Myanmar military. Angel, known as Kyal Sin, was shot dead in the head during a demonstration against the military coup in Mandalay.

According to reports gather from source, Angel is the only daughter of his father and it was said that her father dress her up himself to join other protesters on the street.

But some put blame on her father that why he will do allowed her in the first stage, this act cause reactions as Joshua Isreal tweet; A father allowed his 19 year old ONLY child to go out and protest in the face of assault rifles even dressed her up? I have a few questions for this man. ONLY CHILD!!! What is the rationale behind this sorrowful foolishness. When you're not God.

Seen in his photo during the protest, the words from Angel's T-shirt quickly went viral on social media. 'Everything will be alright'. A slogan that has fueled the spirits of the protesters in the days to come.

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