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June 12 Protest: Kogi Deputy Governor tells Youths what to do instead of Protesting

The June 12 we have been waiting for is finally here. The day was set aside to mark our liberation from Military rule in Nigeria. 

Democracy day was initially May 29th before the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari rescheduled it. It was rescheduled to give respect to the 1993 General Election and the Late M.K.O Abiola. 

Nigerians are supposed to be celebrating today but some Youths who are not happy with the current situation of the country are out there protesting. All efforts to stop them from protesting proved abortive as they have decided to do it. 

The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward Onoja has decided to pen a note to them. The youths are the leaders of tomorrow but if they are not properly guided by the elders, they might not be able to do the right thing. This is why Chief Edward is out to educate them. 

In a message written by the Deputy Governor on his Facebook page to mark June 12 celebration, he made it known that the Youths are not supposed to protest. He pointed out that most of the youths who are out to protest today weren't born 28 years ago. 

Instead of channeling your energy towards protest, it's better to try and sanitize Young Nigerians on the Importance of getting registered and having a PVC. An excerpt from his message

He further stressed that there are some young Nigerians who just turned 18, some turned 18 since 2019 while others would become 18 by 2022. These are the set of people the Nigerian Youths should educate on the need to become registered voters. This is because your right to change leaders lies in your power to vote. 

My stand

The Deputy Governor is not wrong in this regard. Buhari's Administration is almost completed. Instead of protesting against him at this moment, we should reinforce ourselves for the 2023 Election.

What do you think?

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