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We're No Longer Fighting With the Hausas, Tell The Govt. To Rebuild The Shasha Market- Elderly Women

Remember that many months ago, there was a crisis at the Shaha market located in Oyo State. Properties worth millions of properties were destroyed, and some people reportedly lost their lives. After the ugly events that happened at the Shasha market, the Shasha was abandoned and the Oyo state government promised to rebuild some destroyed buildings.

However, fresh protests have been staged by some elderly women in Oyo state. In a viral video, these elderly women demanded that the government fulfil their promises. They stated three things they wanted the government to do. The Iya Oloja said they were the owner of the Akinyele market, stating that why will some people just come and then claim ownership of the market. She also said that tomatoes and pepper that used to be sold at the Shasha market are now being sold at the Akinyele market (cow market). These are the things the "Iya oloja" of Shasha asked the government to do:

1. All the promises that the government made regarding the Shasha market should be fulfilled. She said the government promised to rebuild the shops and also provide solar energy.

2. She said some people are now redirecting customers from the Shasha market to the Akinyele market. She told the government to stop people from going to buy peppers and tomatoes at the cow market located at Akinyele.

3. Lastly, she said the fight between the Yorubas and Hausas is a thing of the past, stating that they are no longer interested in the fight. She said all Yorubas and Hausas are willing to work together.

Watch the video here.

After this video was posted, see how people reacted to it:

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