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The court should allow live coverage so that Nigerians that are everywhere will see the case- Inko Tariah

Inko Tariah, a Political Analyst and Former Special Adviser to the Rivers State Governor expressed his views on the court's decision to disallow live coverage of the court case proceedings. He emphasized the importance of allowing live coverage as it would enable Nigerians to stay informed about the progress of the proceedings and foster trust in the justice system.

According to Inko Tariah, permitting live coverage would have ensured that all Nigerians, regardless of their location, could observe the case. This transparency would have made the proceedings accessible and visible to everyone. In the absence of live coverage, if the court were to declare Bola Tinubu as the legitimate winner of the election, many Nigerians would likely question and dispute the verdict.

The absence of live coverage in the court case creates a significant disadvantage as it gives rise to doubt and scepticism towards the judiciary. Particularly if Bola Tinubu were to be pronounced as the rightful victor of the presidential election, the public's confidence in the court's decision would be undermined. Inko Tariah highlights the importance of allowing citizens to witness the proceedings firsthand to assess whether the judiciary is impartially addressing the case or displaying any bias.

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