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Dismantle National Flags: 3 reasons why Southeast should not obey the latest October 1 orders

The Southeastern region of Nigeria has not remained the same since the detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Kanu is still under the custody of Department of State Services (DSS) while he continues to face trials in court.

Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria

After the arrest of Kanu in Kenya and his deportation to Nigeria, his followers have resort to a new method of protest. But it appears these followers do not care much about the welfare of their fellow citizens. 

The compulsion of sit-at-home across all Southeastern states every Monday is very detrimental to the economic growth of the zone. Mr Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho is also in detention but his supporters did not resort to punishing the entire Southwest zone. 

Why is this different in the case of Kanu's supporters? These men are gradually becoming extremists and it appears they are not aware or they just do not care. Whichever one is the case, the Southeast people do not deserve this harshness? 

A photo depicting the effect of Sit-at-home order in Southeast

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

The economy of the present Nigeria is bad. The standard of living is too high for most ordinary Nigerians to cope. In fact, most persons depend on their daily sales to make both ends meet. So, any day you compel the kiosk owners, hawkers, market women to stay away from business, you are indirectly taking foods off their mouths. 

Yesterday, the latest declaration allegedly made by Mazi Kanu's supporters went viral in Southeast. What is it again this time around? 

October 1 has been declared sit-at-home by these men. Of course, this day of remembrance of Nigeria's independence is national holiday but people are free to go about their businesses. In Southeast, there would be a different scenario. 

It was also alleged that all institutions; educational, financial and political institutions should pull down their Nigeria flags on Friday, October 1, 2021. As ridiculous as this sounds, the people of Southeast may not be making a good choice if they obey this order. 

Photo Credit: Unsplashed

First, if the recent orders made by Kanu's supporters are obeyed, these men would garner more temerity to keep making detrimental orders. 

Second, the state governments would appear powerless. In a serene atmosphere, certain orders pertaining to social, economic and societal welfare are left onto the hands of the government. If groups start meddling with the powers of the government, then there could be a problem. 

The third reason why the people of Southeast should resist the latest order is to regain control. If a poll is to be conducted, more than 70% of the people might not want this incessant sit-at-home orders to continue. 

However, the fate of Southeast can only be decided by the people. The Federal Government might not want to intervene as long as there is no threat to life yet.

Photo Credit: TODAY

Till Friday, we would know the institutions that would be brave enough to leave the National Flag mounted. 

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