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A Magistrate Court has sentenced Kogi State student to 8 years imprisonment for firearm possession

There is a popular adage that speaks about the wages of sin and the repayment of criminological activities to individuals who decided to live the life of crime.

Most people tend to forget the meaning of crime and what the rule of law stands for, especially when they have committed a crime.

Crime can be defined as any wrongdoings classified by the state or Congress as a felony or misdemeanor which can be punishable by fine or imprisonment.

The definition of crime was dropped in this article to clarify those individuals who would ask or argue the ruling given to the young man by the Chief Judge.

The young man was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for the illegal possession of firearms in the state of Kogi state.

Students have gone to their various social media platforms to react to the latest development. They were marveled by the huge sentence given to him for just possession of a gun.

News source: Naija_Pr on Twitter.

Picture: Naija_Pr on Twitter.

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