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Opinion: Why Ndigbo Must Avoid The June 12th “Buhari Must Go” Protest.

Dear Igbo youth, please I beg you in the name of God—or whatever you worship, kindly avoid any association with tomorrow's protests. On March 31st, 2021, when we observed sit-at-home to mourn our fallen heroes and heroines, only South-East complied.

In the last few months, the rhetorics and narratives have been centered on Igbo, IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. Insecurity in the South-East has suddenly overshadowed security crisis and economic problems that have been going on across the country in the last few years now. 

I will advise Igbo youths to play second fiddle here. The same way Biafra has become synonymous with Ndigbo; June 12 has become with the Yorubas. Let the Yoruba youths and other Nigerians lead tomorrow. Ndigbo will be observing much-needed break. 

We should not play into the hands of vile propagandists who are already profiling us. I don't want anyone spin stories on "how Ndigbo want to destroy Lagos or Abuja". The political atmosphere is charged now. Discretion at this point is not cowardice but wisdom. We have to choose our battles and not allow others do it for us. 

Ndi igbo

We have cried enough and need rest tomorrow. Remember how a nationalistic movement called #EndSars; supported by Nigerian youths, especially from the south, was reduced to Igbo protest. Once beaten twice shy. Please use your tongue to count your teeth.

What are your thoughts?

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