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1st October: Protesters Might Face The Wrath Of Security Forces If These 2 Things Happen

On the morning of Friday, October 1, 2021, the blessed people of Nigeria will celebrate the 61st anniversary of the country's independence from colonial rule. But before that day, the issue of protests organized by some Nigerians on Independence Day was the most pressing issue across the country where many people were expressing their differing views.

Despite announcements of opposition from major ethnic groups such as the Ohanaeze, Northern Elders Forum, the protests did not deter protesters, because according to a new report that comes out tonight from Sahara Reporters stated that the Human Rights and Pro-Democracy group, TakeItBack Movement, has stated that it is committed to organizing protests and warning Nigerian security forces not to carry out any acts of violence on protesters.

Despite the fact that the constitution allows all Nigerians to protest inside the country, it is understood that as long as the protesters carry out these two acts during the protests, they are likely to face the wrath of the security agencies.

First of all, there is the issue of vandalism of government property or public property. It is well known that this vicious practice is one of the most common forms of protest in the country, as protests have always taken place in the country and there have been reports of damage to public property, even if it is a peaceful protest. At the same time, if protesters break into government or public property, they will inevitably face the wrath of the authorities because their main duty is to protect lives and property.

(IPOB Protesting. Photo credit: Pinterest.)

Furthermore, the issue of attempting to removing the Nigerian flag by the members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) is related to the fact mentioned above and its violation of Nigerian law, because the flag is a property of Nigeria and is then she's the only one that law permits her to control it.

The second issue is abuse of security personnel. Of course, the security forces cannot tolerate any humiliation of the protesters, because it is common knowledge that some corrupt people are using the opportunity to protest against the security forces by throwing stones. However, as long as the protesters do something insulting to the security forces, there is a possibility that the security forces will take advantage of the opportunity provided by the law to defend themselves.

My main advice to the organizers of this protest is to try to avoid these things that I mentioned above if they want to hold a peaceful demonstration, and they should also be noted that the security forces are not able to stop them if the protest is marched peacefully.

What can you say in this regard? You can tell us your thoughts in the comment section below and continue to follow me for more updates at all times.

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